Monday, 11 February 2013


We have had a sudden flurry of Cross Team Challengers in the last few days, including a new mystery lightweight erger called Diggy, welcome to the team : )

I will give the 30 minutes session a blast this weekend as I'm not feeling 100% right now (sore throat and blocked nose) so we will definitely get Boat One into the points rankings soon.

34Empty the Tanks I7363.5m
Norman Haas (H) 7586 metres
edward jackson (H) 7417 metres
Rob Drury (L) 7774 metres
Diggy (L) 6677 metres

44Empty the Tanks II6502m
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 6502 metres 


  1. Hey Diggy here, AKA John Digweed. Never really been competitive with times, but managed to row for several weeks now without travelling and feel a lot fitter. I am a true light lightweight for men, weighing just 60kg

  2. Ah ha Its John Digweed - that explains it! Not a new team mate per se just new to CTC... great stuff.