Wednesday, 30 January 2013

JVTC 2013 Penultimate day

What a month! We have all worked really hard for the team and in doing so lots of you have achieved personal goals too.
Here are a few highlights that team mates have shared:

  • Beat has improved his endurance erging so much this month that he can row 15k in about 60 minutes with little sign of exhaustion. And he has dropped a trouser size too!
  • Dave P has been converted to the benefits of interval rowing and has achieved an impressive PB for the 4 minute row with 1210 metres. He has also really enjoyed rowing with the ETT'ers.
  • Joe S has had a flurry of PB's recently and will have also surpassed his monthly metres total during the JVTC. He has improved on the following ranking pieces; 500m = 1:29.4, 10k = 38:59.6 and rowed his best ever session during this months CTC. He has been inspired to enter the Motown Madness IRC at the Detroit boat club on the 9th Feb - Good luck Joe!
  • Mark is back on track with his fitness and has been pulling out some impressive metres to give Beat a run for his money!
  • Bouke flew from Belgium to Manchester to compete in the English IRC on Sunday and achieved a personal best time too (06:49.4). It was great to meet such a dedicated team mate!
I will blog a more detailed round up of personal contributions and highlights this weekend.

One more day to go and we would need to row over 600k to be able to reclaim 15th place again. 

I received a very nice e-mail message from the captain of New Haven Rowing Club who said how much their team enjoyed the friendly banter with the ETT'ers. He has also extended an open invitation to the team's rowing club in Conneticut, USA for us to try out on-water rowing. I might take him up on the offer later in the year... anybody want to join me?

JVTC 2013 Day 30 = 55 team mates = 16/323 teams = 7,241,187 metres = top 5%


  1. Well, if you're paying for the flights and accommodation you can count me in! I suspect you're not though, so I guess that means I'll have to pass. I do like the idea of getting back out on the water, though I half suspect New Haven invited us into their domain so they can REALLY show us how it's done!

  2. Yes, I wondered about that too....

  3. #1 That's indeed a strange 'invitation'!

    #2 I'm done for this challenge/month (just seen the repdigit of km's I've erged ;0)

    #3 Erging will be a much more less important activity throughout the month of February

    Bye bye for now,

  4. This January is my PB for a month(over 200Km)and I've had my Erg for 3 years. It took my 3 years to get to MMC (Dec 2012)and I vowed to get to my next million by my next Bday in May, so 600KM+ left to go.

    You guys are Awesome!! Caroline, I find myself checking the blog everyday for news about the team!! I'm rowing with my US Air Force team next month for the military challenge, but my Loyalty will continue with ETT. Beat, Mark and the other top dogs you guys are inspiring and create a competitive atmosphere for the rest of us to keep up. Fred R.