Thursday, 31 January 2013

JVTC 2013 Last day

What an epic month of erging team. Below is the current rankings within the team - it may change a bit over the next day or so if people upload this evening / today depending where in the world you live.

We are still in 16th place and are ranked in the top 5% out of 323 teams which is pretty impressive stuff when you compare the number of members the top ten teams have.

A total of 7,565,218 metres has been rowed over the past month!

Excellent work team, you all really dug deep and pulled out some impressive results. You all deserve a well earned rest.

What are you going to do with all the spare time you will gain?


  1. I'll keep rowing and running as much as i can to maintain consistency and fitness. No rest for the wicked:) Dave P

  2. Same here, I've been eulogizing about all the rest I can have but now I just feel guilty! Will have a relaxing weekend with the family for the first time in a month, get some jobs done, then back in the gym on Monday (not necessarily on the erg though!)

  3. No PBs improved but I clocked-up my first 1 million metres during the challenge and learnt how to achieve the same performance times whilst reducing my SPM. Will attempt a half-marathon after taking a bit of a rest period. Despite assorted foam seat pads, cushions, etc., a numb backside has been the limiting factor on most of the longer distances this month.

    Deeper learning through the challenge has been the questioning of myself about OCPD! Still, we are what we are and I look forward to joining everybody again for the next team challenge. Thanks for the virtual company and thanks, too, to Caroline for bringing it all together in this blog.