Thursday, 3 January 2013

JVTC 2013 Day Three and another new team mate!

Another day and a whole new set of top ten team mates! Well done to Andy S, Hector, Keith and Craig who are keeping the competition alive with lots of metres.

1 Andy Soyring 45,641
2 hector m guerrero villa 40,097
3 Richard Young 31,378
4 keith lewis 31,194
5 Craig Waugh 31,192
6 Phil Nolan 27,724
7 Bouke Dieleman 26,123
8 Bill St.Louis 25,601
9 Dave Pongracz 22,761
10 John Syms 22,113

Including new team mate John S, 41 from the UK - welcome to the team John and thanks for the 22,000 metres that you brought to the team totals.

JVTC 2013 Day 3 = 43 team mates = 15/223 teams = 583,062 metres = top 6%


  1. Welcome all, we have also been joined by Liz from our office, she's a keen newbie erger!

  2. Great stuff Mark, thanks for the team recruitment!

  3. Hi Caroline,
    Thanks for the welcome, I'll try to log as many metres as I can.
    I'm returning to rowing following shoulder surgery, so this challenge is perfect.
    Best Regards,
    John Syms.
    P.S. hello to all fellow team mates also, good luck in your rowing.

  4. Hi John - Thanks for your support and its nice to have you on board. Hope the shoulder recovery goes well, Caroline : )