Tuesday, 29 January 2013

JVTC 2013 Day 29

Wow we are nearly at the finish line with of the January Virtual Team Challenge only two more days to go.

We have reached the impressive milestone of 7 million metres. Excellent work ETT'ers we have really worked hard over the past four weeks.

Let's make the next two days count!

JVTC 2013 Day 29 = 55 team mates = 16/323 teams = 7,000,039 metres = top 5%

Share any PB's / interesting work outs / fascinating facts / personal stats with the team....


  1. The only thing I think I can share is my impending relief that the challenge is almost over! My fitness levels are back up to where they were some 6 months ago, but my quads and knees are bearing the brunt of all this distance!

  2. I know how you feel. Excellent news on the fitness front but your knees and quads will be looking forward to Friday ; )

  3. I have had a great month of personal improvement. I have rowed new PB's in the 500m (1:29.4) and the 10k (38:59.6). I should also surpass my personal best for my total monthly meters by tomorrow! Also, I think I rowed my best piece of rowing ever for this month's CTC (4601m in 17:00). I did all this battling with the flu for almost the whole month too.

    I hope to carry on the success of this month into next month as I am going to enter my 1st competition, the 2013 Motown Madness Indoor Rowing Championships, on Feb 9th. I am confident that I will row my first sub-7-minute 2k there. I am also ~132k short of my first million-meters and I want to meet that goal before Feb 27th, which will be my 1-year anniversary for 1st getting on a rowing machine.

  4. I achieved a PB for the 4 minute row (1210m) and aim to further improve on that. I've only just started taking the sprint distances seriously and have found that i enjoy it and have improved greatly. Sprints, interval rowing and being part of this team has reinvigorated my interest in rowing. Previously i had only ever taken the longer rows seriously which i've always enjoyed. Cheers Dave P

  5. During the last few months I really rowed strongly – The aim was not to beat any PB’s but to lose some pounds and ameliorate physical fitness – Today I’m proud to say I caught both targets: Trousers size came down & during 1 hour I’m able to row without any signs of exhaustion almost 15 km) – However the next few weeks my body need some regeneration (due to similar issues Mark already explained) – Kind regards, Beat