Saturday, 26 January 2013

JVTC 2013 Day 26

I received a cheeky e-mail from a member of New Haven Rowing Club today - they must be a bit insecure because we are so close behind. I think I'll save my reply when we overtake them in the final few days.

We need to row some extra metres over the next five days so we can claim 15th place again. Let's hope Bruce and Michael have some surprise metres that they will upload soon.

I have spent this evening getting ready for the EIRC so the 05:00am start on Sunday will go smoothly. After a steady row I have eaten lots of carbohydrates so I will sleep well and be fresh for my 10.30am race tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to meeting our fellow team mate Bouke from Belgium; I will blog all the details tomorrow evening.

The top team mates have put in an impressive amount of metres in the last 26 days. Breaking news - Mark B has rowed himself into the top slot, with Beat in 2nd and Preston in 3rd position.

1 Mark Bower 371,578
2 Beat Emch 331,192
3 Preston Zale 326,757
4 Andy Soyring 325,901
5 Leslie Fox 300,000
6 Rob Drury 293,094
7 John Syms 286,483
8 Richard Young 255,000
9 Dave Pongracz 202,178
10 Mike Bode 188,248
11 Bouke Dieleman 183,160

JVTC 2013 Day 26 = 55 team mates = 16/323 teams = 6,265,374 metres = top 5%

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  1. I take no pleasure from being top as it is only because Beat seems to have stopped erging! I'm still shooting for 500km, so today was a 34km catchup as I rested yesterday.

    Good luck to the 3 of you tomorrow, I am gutted I'm not trained enough to compete. I know you'll do us proud like you always do!