Sunday, 20 January 2013

JVTC 2013 Day 20

It has been snowing all day in central London and it has settled with about 3-4cm of snow on the ground.  Annoyingly I don't think this is quite enough to stop traffic / trains moving around the city tomorrow so it looks like it will be back to work on Monday morning.
I did a little snow dance for more flurries tonight so I could spend tomorrow planning lessons and creating resources etc.. (or catching up on sleep / housework).

What has the weather been like where you are?

Back to the JVTC - we are only 40k away from 5 million metres in 20 days. That works out at a collective upload of 250k a day - that is a 50k a day increase from our last team competition.

Team mate achievements and statistics:

  • 52 have contributed metres
  • 12 have rowed 50k+ and more
  • 16 are in the 100k+ club
  • Mark, Preston, Andy S, Ric, Rob D, John S and Leslie have rowed 200k+
  • Beat has contributed 300k+
Excellent work people.

JVTC 2013 Day 20 = 55 team mates = 15/323 teams = 4,972,559 metres = top 5%


  1. Hi Caroline, London looks lovely with a bit of snow! In contrast it's been a bit warmer where i am in Australia as it is the middle of summer. Temps have been regularly up around the 40 degree celcius mark, not the best for smashing out some fast meters / times. We could do with some snow down this way:) Dave Pongracz

  2. Hi Dave,
    I have some friends over in OZ right now and they said it was really hot too! As team Captain I think sending snow to OZ is going to be a request I can't fulfil - sorry. You will just have to stick to a fan, ice cold water after your row and a cool shower. Have you got a C Breeze fitted to your C2 machine? I have one and its really good for generating a self generated cooling system (of sorts). Follow this link to have a look at one:

  3. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I had a look at the C breeze - what a great idea - i think i'll look into it further! But i guess rowing under hot conditions is a self inflicted struggle as i could put the air conditioner on but i've chosen not to because i'm hoping that rowing under hot conditions will make me a stronger, fitter and therefore better rower for when winter comes around again - or maybe this is just a crazy idea:) Where abouts are your friends in Oz? I'm on the central Coast of Western Australia (Geraldton)