Friday, 11 January 2013

JVTC 2013 Day 11 and another new team mate - yahoo

Welcome to our newest member of the team who signed up today - Phil Yates, 48 from the UK has an interesting tip to share on his profile "Never eat anything that is bigger than your head" I think there must be a story behind this advice..... we need to hear it Phil.

We are still motoring away each day and have clocked up 2,652,252 metres so far. More ETT'ers have joined the 100k club with a few very close to the 200k club!

Here is a chart of all contributors to the JVTC over the past eleven days:

JVTC Day 11 = 54 team mates = 15/313 teams = 2,652,252 metres = top 5%


  1. Ha - it's one of my 3 golden rules for life.

  2. Great we like the sound of it! Welcome to the team Phil : )