Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jan CTC Boat One floated!

On the third day of the January Cross Team Challenge we have floated our first boat into the points rankings! That has got to be one of the fastest qualifying boat we have floated in recent months AND we are in the third slot in the rankings - great work people.

We still need more ladies to compete - maybe some of our regular team challenge rowers would like to mix up their erging over the next four weeks!?

2 pts
Empty the Tanks I4382.2m
Bouke Dieleman (H) 4649 metres
Beat Emch (H) 4571 metres
Joseph Smyntek (H) 4513 metres
Chris Venables (L) 4502 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 3676 metres

11Empty the Tanks II4450m
Rob Drury (L) 4450 metres

To anybody who has tried this row - Have you any tips or advice for fellow team mates?

17 minutes with a bonus 7 metres for every stroke rate over 24spm.

My advice would be to break the row into 4 sections, (around 4 mins each) and row at a pace that you can sustain for each section, and then up the stroke rate higher at each subsequent section.

I tried this on my first attempt and averaged out at 27 spm (giving me a bonus of 21 metres). I tried another session today but blew up with only 10 minutes to go and put the oar down (Chris gave me a speedy pep talk and I got back to it) I didn't get a better time but on my second attempt my average stroke rate was at 28 spm (even with a bonus of 28 metres I didn't get a better result than my first attempt).


  1. I approached this row by comparing it to my best 5,000m time/rate since they seemed similar. I then focused on keeping my ave/500m rate at or below my 5,000m best. Knowing that I could maintain this pace since I had already done so in a similar row, helped me push through the moments when my body was begging for me to slow down. I admit to the psychological mind game I'm playing, but it definitely helped me push through the occasional wall. The stroke bonus (49 @ 31spm for me) was just that, a bonus. I didn't design my row around it.

  2. Nice idea Norman, I think that is a wise decision to base it around a 5k row pace.
    It gives you a great starting point to begin the session on - the trouble I had with this row was increasing my stroke rate messed up my natural breathing rhythms - but I am going to give it another few attempts to figure it out!

  3. The only way that I can see where the stroke rate could be increased and the same work effort used would be to decrease the fan resistance. I usually keep mine set at 3 but I might make another run at this challenge with a setting of 1 or 2, just to see the impact from the bonus.

    On another note, have you decided on a CTC designed by our team? I recall an earlier post from you requesting ideas.

  4. I may put a blog post out there to get some ideas - we will see how we fair on this challenge - the more boats we get in the rankings the more likely a possible March or April selection could be ours!