Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Jan CTC and Challenge Series

Start the year with this month's individual challenges:

January Cross Team Challenge

This has been set by Sub7 and it is and interesting mid length row that hits you in your threshold zone.

Row for 17 mins unrestricted. There is a 7 metre bonus for every spm over 24. To get the bonus you MUST set a single split of 17 minutes (no cheating).
24 strokes/min and under score no bonus.
Examples…….4000 metres in 17 minutes at 25 spm gives 4007 metres. 
4000 metres at 30 spm in 17 minutes gives 4042 metres.

Just multiply the number of strokes over 24 by 7....so 30 spm minus 24 spm is 6 spm and 6 multiplied by 7 is 42.

Challenge Series round Five
This is a straight forward 10,000 metre session. They have nick-named it the 'Gut-Buster' and it will also be a great chance to boost the team metres for the January Virtual Team Challenge too! 

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