Monday, 28 January 2013

EIRC 2013 race data

Here is the data from the ETT race competitors yesterday. Its always a good thing to analyse your race splits to see if you could do anything differently next time.

Bouke had a very even stroke rate throughout his race and pulled in a classic negative split 2k - where you race at a much faster pace in the first split, maintain an easier pace for the second and third splits, then up the stroke rate again in the last 500 metres. An excellent race Bouke - just shows you why he received a 6th place position out of 23 competitors.

Caroline - Unlike my BIRC 2k where my stroke rate was pretty even throughout the whole 2k - yesterday's race was all over the place! I started too fast and then started to blow up - hence the 400 metres panic pull (or is that just a computer blip?) in the final stages of the race. All I can take from this race is aside from achieving my best ever time I need to focus on a more even race to avoid the last minute wobbles.


  1. Great race guys..... 6:49 is a awesome time.... Fred R.

    1. Meeting Caroline and Chris in the Manchester Velodrome,outside the virtual world, was a very nice experience. It made the voyage worthwile.
      Caroline did very well in her race. She kept a good focus on stroke intensity and rythm despite (showing) progressive tiredness. To her own surprise she performed so well that she got the silver medal!
      I was also very glad with my result. Chris and Caroline supporting gave an extra boost.
      Caroline, thanks for making your stimulating reports/daily blogs.

  2. Hi Bouke, It was great to meet you too and I am glad you had such a fantastic personal best time! It made it all worthwhile.
    Hope to see you in London next month,