Sunday, 27 January 2013

CIRC and EIRC 2013

It has been an eventful weekend for Empty the Tanks:

Firstly Matt B maintained his adaptive title with a Gold medal yesterday at the Cornish Indoor Rowing Championships and has completed another of his Decathlon challenges. Excellent work Matt!

Secondly Chris and I met Bouke at the English Indoor Rowing Championships. Bouke travelled from Belgium on Saturday then made his way to the Velodrome for his race on Sunday morning. Whereas, Chris and I  had a mad dash out of the house at 05:30am and got there just in time for my weigh in and a quick warm up. Chris decided not to race in the end because he is in the middle of a block of cycling training in preparation for a couple of events this spring.

I raced at 10:30 in the 40-49 lightweight category. At the EIRC you race with a mixture of different age groups and weight categories so it was difficult to eye up any potential rivals / competitors. The cox was very nice and asked if I wanted any encouragement - I told him I was aiming for somewhere around 08:30 with a pace of about 2:08 / 2:07.

The first 500 metres felt easy and I was happily maintaining a pace of 2:06 / 2:07. Despite having raced many times before it is amazing how your mind forgets that there is another 1500 metres and I realised a bit too late that I had to slow down a bit and bring my pace into line with my race plan.

The second and third splits were OK, I kept a reasonably even pace of about 2:08 / 2:09 as I neared the last 500 metres I kept seeing 2:10 appear on the monitor far too many times. I was beginning to think that I was going to completely lose it and the final 200 metres felt like torture. My final time was 08:34.4 which was only 3 seconds away from the PB I achieved at the BIRC 2012.

What cheered me up even more was a surprise silver medal. I only realised I was eligible when the compare called out the result of the bronze medal at 08:35.

Up next was Bouke (in blue t-shirt) who raced in the 50-59 heavyweight category. He looked strong and he maitianed an even pace for the first 1000 metres. During the last 500 metres he was giving it his all and said that the cox really encouraged him to pull out the final 200 metres to achieve his personal best time! Well done Bouke.

It was great to meet Bouke and also a few other familiar faces from the race circuit from other teams; including Eddie Fletcher a well known cycling / rowing coach and Chris Wheatley who we met last year at the WIRC (pictured below) who pulled in an impressive sub 7 row.

Overall we had a great day out and I hope to meet up with lots more team mates at the British Indoor Rowing Championships later in the year. I will keep you posted when they set a date.

EDIT - 28/01/13

did get a PB after checking last year's BIRC result (8:36.1 pace 2:09) I managed 08:34.4 at a pace of 2:08!


  1. Looks like a grand day out was had by all! Congrats again!

  2. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Congratulations to you both for competing and a silver - well done Caroline, all that pain and sweat paid off :)