Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Blogger of the year award!

I received a very pleasant surprise today - I have been awarded a 'Blogger of the Year' award as part of the Rowperfect Rowing Blogger of the Year Awards. They contacted me via Facebook and sent a link to their site, this is what they said:

You can read the full article here:

They also sent me a winners badge to put on the sidebar of my blog.

Cool stuff - Thanks Rowperfect!


  1. Congratulations Caroline!
    An acknowledgement to be proud of

  2. Wow! That's recognition for all the hard work you put in!! Excellent news, you must be very proud! Personally I'm off to do 20km, newly inspired by my Team Captain's award winning blog!!

  3. Well done, great work keeping everyone going & updated on our progress. Well deserved.

  4. Congratulations! I check in here daily and it certainly helps with motivation!

  5. Congratulations, Caroline. A thoroughly deserved award and I add a personal thanks for all that you do for us.

  6. Congratulations! That's a great achievement and thoroughly deserved. I've only just joined the team but did so because i was inspired by your blog and the team camaraderie. Well Done! Dave P

  7. Who needs the Pete Plan!! We've got Caroline's blog!!

    Mark - you best dust off your blogging skills now!

  8. Absolutely deserved! You inspire us all Carolyn. Thanks for all your efforts.