Monday, 24 December 2012

Holiday Challenge 2012 Results

Happy Christmas Eve Empty the Tank'ers I hope you have all been good boys and girls so Father Christmas will bring you a little something tonight.
I must apologise for my lack of posts recently I have been involved in a major full body work-out for the last four days that includes the following:

  • loading, unloading and carrying boxes
  • painting, sanding and re-decorating three rooms
  • mopping, vacuuming and general deep cleaning of two properties
So as you may have already guessed Chris and I spent the weekend before Christmas moving house! It has been a mad few days and it seems that we have got ourselves pretty much sorted just in time for Christmas Day!

Due to the craziness of the past week I have been unable to complete the Holiday Challenge this year (annoyingly only 14k short of the 100k) but the following team mates have been dedicated to the (Santa) cause:

Richard YoungYork GBR Empty the Tanks 100,000
Phil Venablescheshire uk GBR Empty the Tanks 125,208
Bill St.LouisEdwards CA USA Empty the Tanks 145,400
Andy SoyringChicago IL USA Empty the Tanks 233,772
Joseph SmyntekRoyal Oak MI USA Empty the Tanks 101,071
Mike SchnellWoodhaven MI USA Empty the Tanks 205,000
Esa LahnakoskiStouffville ON CAN Empty the Tanks 257,204
Andrew HewittNorth Yorkshire GBR Empty the Tanks 201,053
hector m guerrero villaEscobedo NL MEX Empty the Tanks 100,248
Leslie FoxDarlington GBR Empty the Tanks 176,570
Beat EmchBellach/SO CHE Empty the Tanks 430,401
Rob DruryMaidstone Kent GBR Empty the Tanks 171,532
John DigweedSantiago RM CHL Empty the Tanks 246,141
Bouke DielemanAntwerpen BEL Empty the Tanks 241,913
Jean CurranSan Francisco CA USA Empty the Tanks 100,050
Kim BlankenshipJacksonville FL USA Empty the Tanks 142,6

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