Sunday, 16 December 2012

Holiday Challenge 2012

We have a merry band of dedicated ergers who have already completed the 100k; with John and Mike achieving the 200k challenge for the holiday 2012 season. Beat has smashed through the 200k ceiling with an impressive 300k - well done!
Andy is well on his way to completing his 200k for charity, you can sponsor him at this link: 

Beat Emch 300,160
John Digweed 200,045
Mike Schnell 200,000
Esa Lahnakoski 197,338
Andy Soyring 185,826
Bouke Dieleman 183,788
Andrew Hewitt 150,651
Leslie Fox 138,570
Rob Drury 125,706

How close are you to finishing this challenge? You have until the 24th December to complete it.
Have lots of festive erging fun folks.

1 comment:

  1. Well done everyone and thanks for 'pimping' my link Caroline. I'm up to 176k now and should finish on Friday.
    And now for a shameless plug.
    If anyone wants to donate it would be great. The charity is run by a friend of mine who uses all money raised directly educating these slum kids who would otherwise have very limited life choices. All costs associated with running the charity come out of his pocket, and my employer will match any donation you make so your donation will make a difference.