Sunday, 9 December 2012

Holiday Challenge 2012 Update

New team mate Leslie, 63 from the UK has risen to the Holiday Challenge 2012 with a nifty 101,000 metres. Welcome to the team Leslie - we are very happy to have such a committed member join in the challenges.

The following team mates have met the minimum 100k requirements with Beat and Mike achieving the 200k challenge. Excellent work folks.

Keep rowing hard.

Beat Emch 275,118
Mike Schnell 200,000
Esa Lahnakoski 150,512
Bouke Dieleman 135,955
John Digweed 124,652
Andrew Hewitt 115,460
Andy Soyring 115,092
Leslie Fox 101,570

1 comment:

  1. Good to see so many people doing this challenge. I'm doing it for charity again this year, link below if anyone wants to support. We educated 2 kids last year from the support of ETT members and other friends.