Sunday, 2 December 2012

First man in the Dec CTC boat

Bouke is the first ETT'er to enter a time for the December Cross Team Challenge of 10 x 1 minutes with 1 minute rests.

We have 29 more days to get more entries in for this challenge.

We need more girls to take part so we can float more than one boat this month - let's encourage wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, mates and fellow ETT'ers to get involved in this fast and furious interval session.

2Empty the Tanks I3036m
Bouke Dieleman (H) 3036 metres


  1. Hi Caroline,
    It won't work at my home, encouraging the girls.
    I'm sorry.
    We did quite nice in November but this Challenge is heavy, though. On the other hand, it may be heavy for most of us...
    So let's row!
    Kind regards,

  2. Oh Well Bouke - it was worth a try! Caroline