Saturday, 15 December 2012

EIRC 2013

The deadline for the English Indoor Rowing Championships is 11th January 2013. You need to enter by post , follow this link for further details.

Who is travelling to the Velodrome in Manchester to compete?


  1. Hello Caroline,
    Thanks for paying attention to the EIRC.
    As I can see in the Achievements List, Mark, Chris, and you competed in the EIRC 2012.
    Do you already know who's going in 2013 ?
    I visited the website and it looks good.
    Although not mentioned explicitly, people from abroad may join, I understand. These are in fact Open Championschips!
    I would like to go, so I'll make the arrangements.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hey Bouke that would be great! The Championshiops are Open to everybody who wants to turn up, so keep us posted if you decide to sign up.


  3. I'm probably not going this time, just haven't been putting the training in. Am currently working on the 10x1' and that's proving hard enough!