Sunday, 25 November 2012

Challenge Series Round 3

How are people getting on with the Challenge Series Round 3?

I did the 6344 metres today and managed to smash my previous time by over 2 minutes - which means that either last year I didn't put much effort in or that my training for the EIRC has helped me shave some time off!? I think it may be a combination of the two.

2011 6344m = 32:14.4 minutes
2012 6344m = 29:45.4 minutes

I am temporarily ranked in the number two slot with comparable female lightweights but in a few more days I'm sure I will slip down the rankings!

Anybody got any PB's to share with the rest of the team?


  1. I've also managed a couple of 6344's this month - just trying to get the right starting pace. I have a PB but not exactly "smashed" last years attemt.....
    2011 6344m = 24:28.1
    2012 6344m = 24:21.4

    would love to find another 7 secs, but very unlikely in the remaining couple of days..... Rob D.

  2. Hi Rob,
    A PB is still a PB even if its only a few seconds faster. You never know you might pull in a stormer in the next few days!?

  3. Ric did his a week or so ago, and I've had a few abortive attempts alongside him (usually quitting or slowing down with 3km to go). Today though I stuck the course and did it in 22:18.5, which is actually only 2s slower than last year (when I was all trained for Grimsby, etc). I'll take that!!

  4. Hi Mark,
    That still sounds like a good session there Mark - it is annoying being 2 seconds slower but sometimes you just have to let it go. Maybe the Dec 5k will be your row for smashing it??

  5. I did 27:56.6. I guess it's classed as a PB as it's the first time I've ever rowed that far! Something to aim at next year anyway. I've already posted my first ever 5k time for December as well but that won't appear til the 1st. I've got another 33 days to beat my time of 22:11. That's pretty much Mark's 6344m time! :-S
    I'm only a newbie though. That's my excuse.

  6. Hey Ed,
    Well done on your 6344m time. Don't worry you will get better with practise!
    Keep up the great work,

  7. As one of the newer members of ETT, I'm in the dark about the 6344m challenge or even the Challenge Series Round 3. Am I too late to participate in this and if not, where to I sign up? Finally ending my hectic travel schedule for the year and looking forward to spending some quality time on the C2.

  8. Hi Norman,

    The Challenge Series is run by C2 and it starts every September with 7 challenges that runs throughout the 'off-water' season. There's also a couple of bonus rounds in the summer months.
    I am not sure if you will be eligible for the prizes if you haven't completed all monthly rows but there is no stopping you from getting involved.
    Follow this link to sign up

    Have fun!