Sunday, 18 November 2012

7 million metres

I reached seven million lifetime metres today.
I started logging metres regularly in 2009 so that roughly equates to 2,300,000 metres each year. Not bad for a lightweight!

Other team mate achievements this season:

  • Dan Mc and Beat are at the top of the team's affiliation standings with 1,800,00 and 1,400,00 metres respectively.
  • Rob D and Andy S have recently passed the one million metres
  • Hector and Phil V are due to reach one million metres in the next week or so
  • Mark B and Bouke have rowed over 800k
  • Bill, Todor, Ric, Teodora and Norman have rowed over 700k
  • Caroline and Esa have recently achieved 500k


  1. Hello Caroline,
    Congratulations with your birthday.
    Thanks for your enthousiatic blog. It is a binding instrument for the team, I can imagine.
    Last Saturday I joined the OBIC:
    As my condition improves, it is even more satisfying to erg. Times improve too :)
    Kind regards,

  2. Congratulations Caroline! You're an inspiration. You're "only" ahead of me by 5,000,000 meters, so I need to increase my C2 time if I'm going to catch you. Thanks for making it fun to be a part of ETT.

  3. Bouke - Well done on your event and I am glad you enjoy the blog.

    Norman - Glad to have you on board Empty the Tanks!