Monday, 29 October 2012

New York Work Outs

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago Chris, Karen and I are in New York for the week and the hotel gym doesn't have an erg. This means we have to explore other gyms in mid-town Manhattan.

On Saturday we tried a trial pass for the Bally gym on 32nd and 7th which had a great selection of Olympic weights, kettle bells, body bars and a very generous stretching area which was great for a full strength and conditioning work out. Unfortunately the ergs in the Bally gym are really old and are not C2's and for some strange reason the rowing machines have been positioned on a slope so you are having to push against gravity as well as the flywheel - not good.

Sunday's gym adventure took us to the New York City Sports that the concierge at the hotel had set up for us. We got our gym clothing on and walked to 23rd and 8th only to be told that we couldn't join for 30 days as the hotel concierge had told us. After a trip back to the hotel and few lengthy conversations with the concierge we were eventually granted 30 day passes and legged it back to NYCS for a decent work out.

Luckily there are two C2 ergs at this gym (one PM3 and one PM2). We programmed in 6 x 500m with 30 seconds rest for the three of us so we took it in turns to do the interval sessions aiming to keep under our 2k pace for each session. After the erging we all did either kettle bells swings or used the leg presses or Olympic bars.

We have had two really good work-outs so far this holiday. We are set for another session at the NYCS today but with Hurricane Sandy due at lunchtime today I'm not sure the gym will even be open.
Last night the NYC subway was closed at 7pm, supermarkets and restaurants closed early and we got stuck in a queue of panic buyers in Wholefoods that wrapped around the whole store!

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