Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New York on Lock-down

After Hurricane Sandy (or should I say Tropical Storm Sandy) hit New York last night we were very lucky to escape the worst of the winds and flooding. Below mid town Manhattan where we are staying there's power cuts with many subway stations submerged under water. Ground zero construction site resembles a waterfall and Battery Park has been flooded.

When we ventured out today the majority of shops and restaurants are closed. We found one supermarket open on 56th St. so we stocked up on some food to take back to the hotel. No tourist sites, galleries or museums are open so we have had to keep ourselves occupied by surfing the net, reading, chatting and general chilling.

The NYSC gym was closed so we improvised a Cross Fit work out by starting in the hotel gym with a decent stretch session then stair repeats. These 'stair repeats' are not as innocent as they sound - it involved walking up 25 flights of stairs then taking the lift back down and starting again. We did 6 sets doing one set in an average time of 4:20. Needless to say we found this pretty hardcore and we were all very sweaty at the end of each set. Chris says we need to aim for 7 sets tomorrow if the gym is still closed. I think Karen and I might take the lift!

We are all hoping things get back to some sort of normal routine tomorrow.


  1. Is there *nothing* that will stand between Chris and exercise...?

    Hope you all get home safe and well.

  2. Not even Sandy can stop Chris from exercising!