Sunday, 7 October 2012

FTC Days 21 and 22

Firstly I must apologise for not blogging the results for Friday and Saturday - I didn't get a chance to get to my computer. Chris and I travelled to Brighton on Friday evening then went to an event at Fontwell Races on Saturday.

We had a great day out and were given several 'sure-thing' tips by various people. Despite the good advice I only won one race at the end of the day, having said that I wasn't gambling huge amounts of money (£3.00) for a win. On the last race I decided to go BIG and put £4 on a horse called Creepy. The jockey tipsters had said they were going on a long holiday on this horse, so I felt that it would be a winner. Sure enough on the last race of the day, Creepy stormed to the finish line with a confident win. We had a fun day out and I only lost £2 in total - which isn't too bad.

So its three weeks into the FTC and we have erged over 4 million metres between us and have maintained our 11th place position in the rankings. We don't want to gamble with our final position in eight days time, so keep up the excellent work team mates.

We have an impressive 14 team mates in the 100k club, two team mates in the 200k club and two in the 300k club!

FTC Day 22 = 41 team mates = 11/187 teams = 4,230,384 metres

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