Tuesday, 9 October 2012

FTC 2012 Day 25

Its been a fine and sunny day today and the good vibe extends to our team total of 4,675,569 metres. When I looked at the team standings earlier this evening the total stood at a devilish 4,666,566 metres - I'm glad we have moved away from that beast of a number!

20 ETT members have erged over 100k during this Fall Team Challenge and the remaining team mates have also pulled in a decent amount of metres that have contributed to our top 6% position in the competition.

Well done to the following ETT'ers:

1 Beat Emch 400,217
2 Mark Bower 395,137
3 Rob Drury 253,837
4 Richard Young 246,136
5 Mike Bode 189,532
6 Dan McCarthy 188,197
7 Andy Soyring 179,714
8 Victoria Balcheva 163,675
9 Darren Whetton 158,009
10 Phil Venables 157,583
11 John Betts 156,936
12 Todor Petrov 144,695
13 Phil Nolan 142,915
14 Teodora Petrova 132,463
15 Karine Girod 130,083
16 John Dunn 118,855
17 Joseph Smyntek 109,145
18 Norman Haas 106,183
19 Caroline Joynson 103,755
20 Andrew Hewitt 100,300

Beat has battled his way to the top of the team again with 400k but Mark is very close behind with 395k and he is suffering from a cold too! Hope you get better soon....

Rob D and Ric are mano a mano in a tussle for 3rd and 4th place.
It's a daily battle between Mike B and Dan Mc (who is also not 100% in the health stakes at the moment - all the best for a safe recovery) for 5th and 6th place - who will win out in six days time?

Andy, Victoria, Darren, Phil and John B are all shuffling for the remaining top ten slots. Victoria is still safely the top performing female in ETT during this challenge - nice going Victoria!

FTC 2012 Day 25 = 41 team mates = 11/187 teams = 4,690,569 metres

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  1. I had a rest day today, hoping to be back on tomorrow and start catching back up!