Monday, 8 October 2012

FTC 2012 Day 24

Seven days left of competition and we have been erging away like maniacs for the past 24 days. We have accrued over 4,500,000 metres during the FTC which works out at a team average of about 200,000 metres each day. If we keep up this pace we should be looking at peaking at around 6,000,000 metres on the 15th October.

Keep on rowing team mates!

What are you looking forward to doing in your erg-free time after the 15th?

FTC 2012 Day 24 = 41 team mates = 11/187 teams = 4,517,811 metres


  1. Personally I'm looking forward to not erging, no matter what else I'm doing!!

    Word of warning, I have a cold. Whether it gets any worse remains to be seen, but my 500km target is still achievable, if I am aching a little more than usual!

    1. Hi Mark - Have a steamy shower, de-stress as well as a hot, soothing drink & afterwards you'll hit your target for sure - Regards, Beat

  2. Hope you get better soon - load up on zinc and vitamin C. Drinks lots of hot lemon and ginger with an asprin to unblock your head.

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