Sunday, 7 October 2012

FTC 2012 Day 23

Hope you all managed to enjoy some of the sunshine that popped out sporadically during the weekend. The season has definitely turned to autumn with darker mornings, intermittent showers and falling leaves. A good way to keep positive during these shorter days is to jump on the C2 and pull in some metres for the Fall Team Challenge.

We have held onto 11th place for over two weeks and look to keep in this spot if we continue erging 200k a day.

FTC 2012 Day 23 = 41 team mates= 11/187 teams = 4,325,698 metres


  1. During the last few days I had some LSD (Long Slow Distance) - Today recreation is needed badly - However the target '500k erging during this challenge' is coming closer...
    Regards - Beat

  2. Hi Beat - I think you will definitely hit your target of 500k if you continue erging with such enthusiasm. Thanks for your contributions from behalf of ETT. Keep up the great work!