Wednesday, 3 October 2012

FTC 2012 Day 19

13 team mates are in the 100k club, with Beat and Rob D in the exclusive 200k club and top team mate Mark in prime position with over 300k!!

1 Mark Bower 307,224
2 Beat Emch 242,202
3 Rob Drury 203,837
4 Richard Young 196,338
5 Dan McCarthy 178,142
6 Darren Whetton 148,009
7 Mike Bode 137,421
8 Andy Soyring 127,072
9 Victoria Balcheva 125,203
10 Todor Petrov 114,358
11 Phil Venables 113,811
12 John Dunn 108,855
13 Karine Girod 100,427

With nearly three weeks into the challenge we have collectively erged over 3,600,000 metres and got fitter, sweatier, firmer and happier along the way.
Keep up the excellent work team mates. We are past the halfway point in the competition leaving only 12 days of erging left!

Day 2012 Day 19 = 41 team mates = 11/187 teams = 3,644,090 metres


  1. I'm actually in the 300k club now, had 20k today to upload! Feeling really knackered now though, my back is taking the brunt!

  2. Excellent stuff Mark - I will change the blog to reflect all your hard work. Take it easy though!

  3. Good day yesterday. Hour pb 16064!!!

  4. Excellent stuff Ric - impressive stats there!
    You are doing a sterling job during this team challenge.
    Are you up for the BIRC again?


  5. Yeah - if they publish a date... There's some discussion going on on the forum with people unsure if it'll happen..

  6. How about the EIRC in Manchester?