Friday, 14 September 2012

The FTC Team 2012

We have a good bunch of regular members and new faces ready for the Fall Team Challenge tomorrow. Sign up today if you haven't already!

1Andy SoyringM520
2Bruce AnsellM460
3Mark BowerM340
4Simon ColemanM460
5Jim MoldenhauerM550
6Matthew BrewsterM400
7Mike SchnellM390
8Phil NolanM530
9Andrew HewittM340
10Dan McCarthyM500
11Caroline JoynsonF390
12Jean CurranF580
13John DunnM390
14Todor PetrovM450
15hector m guerrero villaM490
16Karine GirodF380
17Chris GoreM320
18Alexander BoeckxM230
19Richard YoungM350
20Edward JacksonM590
21David BassM450
22Steven RimmerM310
23Teodora PetrovaF390
24David MarlarM550
25Joseph SmyntekM320
26Victoria BalchevaF140


  1. Done my first distance piece for a long time, total sweat fest! I say piece, but it was really pieces, as I did 2x30' (couldn't quite face the whole hour yet!).

  2. Great stuff Mark. It doesn't matter how you erged it - the metres still count! Nice one : )