Saturday, 22 September 2012

September CTC

Seven team mates have rowed the September Cross Team Challenge.
Boat one or otherwise known as 'Boat Andy' has floated into the rankings with 14 points after new member Andy B pulled a stormer of a session in 2:37.6 minutes.

 Boat two just needs three more team mates to get into the points rankings.

Try the 3 x 300m row with 3 mins rest folks it certainly blows the cobwebs out of the lungs......

14 pts
Empty the Tanks I (Boat Andy)2:58.9
Andrew Bainbridge (H) 2:37.6
Andrew Hewitt (H) 2:48.5
Andy Soyring (H) 2:59.1
Chris Venables (L) 2:49.3
Karen Venables (F) 3:40.0

55Empty the Tanks II3:30.4
David Bass (H) 3:16.0
Caroline Joynson (L) 3:44.9

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