Saturday, 15 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day One

Hello fellow ergers and welcome to day one of the FTC2012.

With the Olympic spirit still lingering in the London air I  really wanted to fill you in on the first day of statistics from the Fall Team Challenge.
Unfortunately the website does not seem to be working yet, so I will not be able to give you the results from day one until possibly tomorrow.

On a more positive note we have had a huge surge in ETT members signing up for the challenge and have now got over 30 team mates raring to go this autumn. Bring it on!

If you go on the analysis of the past three FTC challenges we should be able to pull about 100 - 150k every day (with our current team of 30).
If we convince ten more team mates to sign up OR recruit ten new members to boost the FTC team to 40 we should be able to average about 200+k a day.

To beat our best ever competition ranking of 8/280 teams in the Fall Team Challenge of 2010 we will need to:

a) do our best to convince existing team mates to get stuck in if they haven't already signed up
b) get talking to those keen ergers in the local gym and sign them up to ETT
c) individually pull in an extra 100k out of the bag during the 31 days

If we managed a combination of the different options I think we will be onto a winner.

Come on ETT'ers - this could be our time!

Just to let you know the FTC2012 in the competitions list at the top right hand side of my blog is now hyper-linked to the rankings page for quick access to results.

Fall Team Challenge 2012 Individual Standings
NameGenderAgeTotal Event Meters
1Andy SoyringM520
2Bruce AnsellM460
3Mark BowerM340
4Simon ColemanM460
5Jim MoldenhauerM550
6Matthew BrewsterM400
7Mike SchnellM390
8Phil NolanM530
9Andrew HewittM340
10Dan McCarthyM500
11Caroline JoynsonF390
12Jean CurranF580
13Phil VenablesM650
14John DunnM390
15John BettsM650
16Todor PetrovM450
17hector m guerrero villaM490
18Karine GirodF380
19Chris GoreM320
20Alexander BoeckxM230
21Richard YoungM350
22Edward JacksonM590
23David BassM450
24Bill St.LouisM540
25Steven RimmerM310
26Teodora PetrovaF390
27David MarlarM550
28Joseph SmyntekM320
29Victoria BalchevaF140
30Gem GoreF280

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