Saturday, 22 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Eight

On the eighth day of competition we have held onto 7th position out of 172 teams. That places us in the top 4% of world-wide teams.

If you analyse the data more closely and compare us with similar sized virtual teams with 21-50 members we are placed in 2nd position - only 400k behind TimbukTwo.

Let's talk about some more numbers:

  • 100k+ Dan Mc, Beat, Mark B and Rob D
  • 50k+ Ric Y, Darren W, Bill, Karine, Phil V, Hector and John D
  • 30k+ Victoria, John B, Andy S, Andy H, Caroline, Todor, David M, Jean, Steven and Chris G 
  • 5k+ Joseph, Mike, Teodora, Jim, Phil N, Matt C, Andy B, Gem, Matt B, Edward, Norman, Bruce, Chris V, David B, Allan and Simon
Keep on erging ETT'ers!

FTC 2012 Day 8 = 39 team mates = 7/172 teams = 1,549,369 metres

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