Friday, 28 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day 14

It seems that the number one Military Facility Team Nas Pensacola have muscled their way up to 9th place with over 300 members which in turn has bumped us back down the rankings into 11th place out of 184 teams.

Lets not be deterred we have the weekend to re-charge our batteries and to put in some serious erging sessions to help boost our team total and aim for 3 million metres by Sunday.

Keep up the great work team mates we are nearing the half-way point of the challenge and then it will be a matter of counting down to the finish line.

FTC 2012 Day 14 = 40 team mates = 11/184 teams = 2,837,214 metres

Just a quick reminder that both the September CTC of 3 x 300 metres and 3 minute rests and the 4 minute Series Challenge finish this Sunday 30th September.


  1. I literally just uploaded 20k which puts us back in 10th by 7k. I don't think it will last though!

  2. Ace, Yeah I wonder how long 10th place will last. Good going there Mark.

  3. Sorry to say that I am having some health issues. I was reading Mark's blog and I am having some similar issues. I am going on a 24-hour heart monitor on Monday and they put me on GERD medication. I haven't ordered not to row, but cannot manage much at the moment. I will give you what I can. Good luck

    Dan M.

  4. Sorry to hear that Dan, I know how scary it can be. If it is GERD I can testify that my PPI medication is helping, and I found out it runs in the family after having all my tests done!

  5. Dan, so sorry to hear your news. Keep yourself safe by following Doctor's orders. Thanks for the massive amount of metres you have contributed in this challenge and look after that heart of yours.
    All the best, Caroline