Thursday, 27 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day 13 and new team mate

13 is sometimes considered an unlucky number, well not for Empty the Tanks because on the 13th day of competition we gained a new team mate.

Mike Bode, 55 from the USA brought over 100k with him! Welcome to gang Mike, we look forward to rowing with you during the rest of the Fall Team Challenge.

With Mike B contributing over 100k it increases the number of boys in the 100k club to seven, with Mark leading the pack in the rather more exclusive 200k club. Well done gentlemen!

1 Mark Bower 200,874
2 Beat Emch 170,128
3 Dan McCarthy 150,632
4 Rob Drury 150,000
5 Richard Young 148,471
6 Darren Whetton 132,194
7 Mike Bode 106,883

Mark B is still in the lead with Beat close behind. Dan Mc and Rob are fighting it our for third place and Ric, Darren and Mike B are doing well too.

Other team mates who have gone above and beyond over the last two weeks are:

  • Victoria, the highest and (youngest) ranking female in Empty the Tanks with 86k
  • Team challenge regulars, Andy S and Phil V with over 80k
  • John D who has rowed over 30k in the last two days to push his total to 80k
  • It looks like Peter Y may have rowed a marathon distance as he uploaded over 42k yesterday
  • New team mate Andrew B uploaded over 20k in the last 2 days

FTC 2012 Day 13 = 40 team mates = 10/183 teams = 2,624,832 metres


  1. *cough* 200k *cough*
    And welcome Mike!

  2. Whoops school girl error there Mark! I will amend now!!