Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fall Team Challenge 2012

Have you signed up for the Fall Team Challenge yet?

Two new faces have joined the ETT'ers including our youngest ever member at 14 years old!
A big welcome goes out to:

  • Alexander B, 34 from Belgium
  • Victoria B, 14 from Turkey

The action starts in six days time, so you need to start stocking up on energy bars, coffee, tea, chocolate and what ever carbs tickle your fancy to fuel 31 days of erging.

The 2012 FTC ETT squad is shaping up nicely see below:

1Andy SoyringM520
2Bruce AnsellM460
3Simon ColemanM460
4Matthew BrewsterM400
5Mike SchnellM390
6Andrew HewittM340
7Dan McCarthyM500
8Caroline JoynsonF390
9Jean CurranF580
10John DunnM390
11Todor PetrovM450
12Karine GirodF380
13Alexander BoeckxM230
14Richard YoungM350
15David MarlarM550
16Joseph SmyntekM320
17Victoria BalchevaF140

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