Sunday, 30 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day 16

Its the 16th day of competition and we are still rocking out in 10th place out of 187 world-wide teams. On another positive note we now have 11 team mates in the 100k club with Mark and Beat still holding their own in the 200k club.

Heading into the third week of the Fall Team Challenge we should aim for 4,000,000 metres by next weekend and perhaps the chance to move into the upper echelons of the top ten teams? Are you with me folks?

FTC 2012 Day 16 = 41 team mates = 10/187 teams = 3,164,358 metres

September Cross Team Challenge

We managed to float two boats into the points rankings in this months challenge which is great stuff. The following members rowed the 3 x 300 metres session:

31 pts
Empty the Tanks I2:53.8
Mark Bower (H) 2:36.9
Andrew Bainbridge (H) 2:37.6
Joseph Smyntek (H) 2:45.6
Chris Venables (L) 2:49.3
Karen Venables (F) 3:40.0

10 pts
Empty the Tanks II3:11.1
Andrew Hewitt (H) 2:48.5
Andy Soyring (H) 2:59.1
David Bass (H) 3:16.0
Mike Schnell (L) 3:07.1
Caroline Joynson (F) 3:44.9

2013 Season Competitions

For the ultra competitive team mates amongst you here is the list of annual competitions that are held around the UK and abroad.

The race distances differ from venue to venue but the major races usually have a 2,000 metre and a 500 metre distance. Some focus on 5,000 metres and some of the smaller events have a range of endurance challenges alongside some faster interval sprints.

The 2012 British Indoor Rowing Competition was not held in the usual venue (Birmingham National Indoor Arena) but at the University of Nottingham. It has not been confirmed if it will be at this venue again or even if there will be a BIRC this year. I will let you know if I hear any news.

There is an unfortunate clash this year with the English and European Indoor Competitions scheduled for the same weekend in January 2013. Edward J discussed the possibility of going to the Euro IRC after he enjoyed the craziness of his 2k row at the BIRC in Nottingham earlier this year. Chris and I also thought it would be great fun to travel to Germany to get involved in the Euro competition. But now the dates have been confirmed I think we will more inclined to attend the EIRC at the Manchester Velodrome instead - unless lots more ETT'ers wanted to join us in a wild German erg adventure?   
  • Grimsby IRC = Saturday 13th October 2012
  • British online RC = Saturday 17th November 2012
  • Welsh IRC = Saturday 1st December 2012
  • Scottish IRC = Saturday 20th January 2013
  • European IRC = Sat 26th / Sun 27th January 2013
  • English IRC = Sunday 27th January 2013
  • World IRC = Sunday 17th or 24th February 2013
  • British IRC = TBC

Saturday, 29 September 2012

FTC 21012 Day 15

We have moved back into 10th place, bumping the Military Nas Pensacola team into 11th position.

Chris V and Matt S have uploaded a few metres after an inadvertent tour of shabby gyms along the South Coast of England whilst on the road for work.

Team mates in the 100k and 200k club have worked hard over the past 15 days and Victoria is the first girl to join the elite gang! Well done Victoria.

1 Mark Bower 220,874
2 Beat Emch 220,173
3 Rob Drury 175,000
4 Richard Young 164,471
5 Dan McCarthy 162,638
6 Darren Whetton 132,194
7 Mike Bode 107,383
8 Victoria Balcheva 105,626
9 Andy Soyring 104,149

Seventeen team mates have rowed over 50k in the 2012 Fall Team Challenge with Phil, Todor and John D very nearly in the 100k club.

We have also hit our target of 3 million metres earlier than expected which is great news.  Well done everybody.

Onwards and upwards towards 9th place? What do you say people - can we get erg our way higher up in the rankings?

Sunday is the last day you can join the FTC 2012, so if you haven't already signed up so that your metres contribute to the team's total - click that button in the 'Teams Tab' now!

FTC 2012 Day 15 = 41 team mates = 10/185 teams = 3,052,055 metres

Friday, 28 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day 14

It seems that the number one Military Facility Team Nas Pensacola have muscled their way up to 9th place with over 300 members which in turn has bumped us back down the rankings into 11th place out of 184 teams.

Lets not be deterred we have the weekend to re-charge our batteries and to put in some serious erging sessions to help boost our team total and aim for 3 million metres by Sunday.

Keep up the great work team mates we are nearing the half-way point of the challenge and then it will be a matter of counting down to the finish line.

FTC 2012 Day 14 = 40 team mates = 11/184 teams = 2,837,214 metres

Just a quick reminder that both the September CTC of 3 x 300 metres and 3 minute rests and the 4 minute Series Challenge finish this Sunday 30th September.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

2013 Affiliation Rankings

With the latest influx of new affiliated members to the team it has increased our overall team total to 15,174,432 metres. 
This boost to the team totals has catapulted us up the overall world-wide team rankings from 15th place last week to 12th place today out of 1,295 teams. Wahoooooo.....
That places us in the top 1% of teams in the Concept 2 world rankings.

Excellent work ETT'ers!

FTC 2012 Day 13 and new team mate

13 is sometimes considered an unlucky number, well not for Empty the Tanks because on the 13th day of competition we gained a new team mate.

Mike Bode, 55 from the USA brought over 100k with him! Welcome to gang Mike, we look forward to rowing with you during the rest of the Fall Team Challenge.

With Mike B contributing over 100k it increases the number of boys in the 100k club to seven, with Mark leading the pack in the rather more exclusive 200k club. Well done gentlemen!

1 Mark Bower 200,874
2 Beat Emch 170,128
3 Dan McCarthy 150,632
4 Rob Drury 150,000
5 Richard Young 148,471
6 Darren Whetton 132,194
7 Mike Bode 106,883

Mark B is still in the lead with Beat close behind. Dan Mc and Rob are fighting it our for third place and Ric, Darren and Mike B are doing well too.

Other team mates who have gone above and beyond over the last two weeks are:

  • Victoria, the highest and (youngest) ranking female in Empty the Tanks with 86k
  • Team challenge regulars, Andy S and Phil V with over 80k
  • John D who has rowed over 30k in the last two days to push his total to 80k
  • It looks like Peter Y may have rowed a marathon distance as he uploaded over 42k yesterday
  • New team mate Andrew B uploaded over 20k in the last 2 days

FTC 2012 Day 13 = 40 team mates = 10/183 teams = 2,624,832 metres

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day 12

We have made steady progress over the past 12 days and are still in the top ten out of 181 teams.

Over 6 team mates have rowed over 100k and 14 have rowed over 50k.

Keep erging and having fun!

FTC 2012 Day 12 = 39 team mates = 10/181 teams = 2,286,924 metres 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day 11

Eleven days in and although we have slipped down the rankings we have rowed over two million metres. Excellent work team.

Keep on erging....

FTC 2012 Day 11 = 39 team mates = 10/179 teams = 2,092,502 metres

Monday, 24 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Ten

Has anybody else noticed a worrying pattern emerging?
On day nine we slipped to 9th place and on day ten we have slumped down into.... you've guessed it 10th place!
I hope that tomorrow we don't plummet into 11th position : (

Despite the little blip in the rankings we have been erging our hearts out and have an impressive amount of team mates who have rowed over 50,000 metres:

1 Beat Emch 150,125
2 Mark Bower 145,600
3 Dan McCarthy 139,468
4 Richard Young 102,582
5 Darren Whetton 102,194
6 Rob Drury 100,000
7 Phil Venables 62,841
8 Karine Girod 62,607
9 Bill St.Louis 60,334
10 Victoria Balcheva 57,290
11 Andy Soyring 56,426
12 Todor Petrov 54,500
13 John Betts 51,091
14 hector m guerrero villa 50,260
15 John Dunn 50,000

Nice work ETT'ers! Keep going 

Let's hope we can jump up a place tomorrow to reverse the trend!

FTC 2012 Day 10 = 39 team mates = 10/175 teams = 1,894,527 metres

Sunday, 23 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Nine and 9th place

As you may have already noticed we have slumped into 9th place in the rankings. As Karine mentioned on the team Facebook page it seems we have a battle on our hands between Ancients and C2TweetCrew for 7th place with only about 50k difference in metres.

What are we going to do?
Well the answer is fairly straight forward.....................

Get on the rowing machine; erg, and then erg some more!!

FTC 2012 Day 9 = 39 team mates = 9/174 teams = 1663,493 metres

Saturday, 22 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Eight

On the eighth day of competition we have held onto 7th position out of 172 teams. That places us in the top 4% of world-wide teams.

If you analyse the data more closely and compare us with similar sized virtual teams with 21-50 members we are placed in 2nd position - only 400k behind TimbukTwo.

Let's talk about some more numbers:

  • 100k+ Dan Mc, Beat, Mark B and Rob D
  • 50k+ Ric Y, Darren W, Bill, Karine, Phil V, Hector and John D
  • 30k+ Victoria, John B, Andy S, Andy H, Caroline, Todor, David M, Jean, Steven and Chris G 
  • 5k+ Joseph, Mike, Teodora, Jim, Phil N, Matt C, Andy B, Gem, Matt B, Edward, Norman, Bruce, Chris V, David B, Allan and Simon
Keep on erging ETT'ers!

FTC 2012 Day 8 = 39 team mates = 7/172 teams = 1,549,369 metres

September CTC

Seven team mates have rowed the September Cross Team Challenge.
Boat one or otherwise known as 'Boat Andy' has floated into the rankings with 14 points after new member Andy B pulled a stormer of a session in 2:37.6 minutes.

 Boat two just needs three more team mates to get into the points rankings.

Try the 3 x 300m row with 3 mins rest folks it certainly blows the cobwebs out of the lungs......

14 pts
Empty the Tanks I (Boat Andy)2:58.9
Andrew Bainbridge (H) 2:37.6
Andrew Hewitt (H) 2:48.5
Andy Soyring (H) 2:59.1
Chris Venables (L) 2:49.3
Karen Venables (F) 3:40.0

55Empty the Tanks II3:30.4
David Bass (H) 3:16.0
Caroline Joynson (L) 3:44.9

Friday, 21 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Seven

One week into the competition and we have worked our way up to 7th place out of 167 world-wide teams.
New team mate Beat signed up today and has contributed 80k which has definitely boosted the team metres and ensured we stayed in 7th place.

The following team mates have made a significant contribution in the first week of competition:

100k+ club = Dan Mc, Mark B
50k+ club = John D, Ric, Rob D and Beat

I hope you have all enjoyed erging the first seven days of the team challenge. It certainly helps me keep motivated to keep up the metres when so many dedicated ETT'ers are toiling away on their rowing machines too.

What do you do to ease the boredom of longer erg sessions?

Mark B has rigged up a cool entertainment system in his garage so he can listen to music or watch the tv.

I have a small laptop and speakers positioned in front of my C2 so I can watch iplayer or listen to music which makes it much easier to keep erging. During tonight's session I listened to some awesome 80's and 90's New Order (bit of a mid-life crisis music selection I think).

FTC2012 Day 7 = 39 team mates = 7/167 teams = 1,313,128 metres = top 4%

Oh, before I forget its Chris V's birthday today too - Happy Birthday Chris!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Six, 7th place and a new team mate

Excellent news ergers - we have shot up to 7th place out of 163 world-wide teams and have reached one million metres too.

This is one of our best placed rankings so far in the team's competition history! Thanks to all 35 team mates who have contributed metres over the past six days. We are on a mission to keep in the top ten in this year's Fall Team Challenge.

Our new team mate Rob D, 65 from the UK has joined the team and contributed an amazing 75k. Welcome to the team Rob, we all look forward to rowing with you during this challenge and future competitions.

Mark B has also boosted the team's metres by being the first ETT'er to get in the 100k club! Nice work Mark and you managed it in just six days!

Dan Mc is very close to joining Mark in the 100k club with 98k - looks like tomorrow you will have company Mark!

Ric has helped the team reach 7th place with over 50k, keep going strong mate.

Our dedicated youngest member, Victoria is still going strong and has erged nearly 50k in the past six days. Keep up the great work.

FTC 2012 Day 6 = 37 team mates = 7/163 teams = 1,077,901 metres

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Five and a new team mate

Hey guys we are on a roll with five consecutive days in 8th place.

We are extremely lucky to have a new member of the team who has brought 20k with him - Matt C, 29 from the US army!! Lets hope that the FTC erg action will be a fun way to keep in shape. Welcome to the team Matt C - have you got any friends who want to join the team?

Overall we have had some impressive efforts in the first week of competition, here are the top ten:

1 Dan McCarthy 98,271
2 Mark Bower 82,869
3 Richard Young 51,000
4 Darren Whetton 44,951
5 Andy Soyring 42,195
6 Victoria Balcheva 37,920
7 Todor Petrov 35,632
8 Karine Girod 32,129
9 John Dunn 30,000
10 Phil Venables 29,887

FTC 2012 Day 5 = 36 team mates = 8/157 teams = 842,857 metres

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Four

With 33 team mates signed up and 31 who have added metres to the FTC we are still maintaining our 8th place position in the world-wide rankings.

Its been such a glorious day in the UK today and I hope that inspired you all to keep up the excellent erging. Well done ETT'ers.

1 Dan McCarthy 71,404
2 Mark Bower 47,781
3 Todor Petrov 35,632
4 Richard Young 34,000
5 Victoria Balcheva 28,360
6 Andy Soyring 26,703
7 John Betts 24,602
8 Phil Venables 24,498
9 John Dunn 20,000
10 Andrew Hewitt 20,000
11 Teodora Petrova 18,561
12 Mike Schnell 17,302
13 Phil Nolan 16,519
14 Jean Curran 16,000
15 Caroline Joynson 14,020
16 Matthew Brewster 14,000
17 Bill St.Louis 12,788
18 hector m guerrero villa 12,550
19 David Marlar 12,464
20 Joseph Smyntek 12,122
21 Karine Girod 11,598
22 Jim Moldenhauer 10,663
23 ALLAN HERON 10,000
24 Chris Gore 10,000
25 Steven Rimmer 10,000
26 Edward Jackson 10,000
27 Andrew Bainbridge 7,900
28 Bruce Ansell 5,018
29 Gem Gore 5,000
30 David Bass 5,000
31 Chris Venables 3,040

FTC 2012 Day 4 = 33 team mates = 8/149 teams = 594,395 metres

Monday, 17 September 2012

FTC 2012 Day Three

Hello everybody, its been a good day today. We have had six team mates 'like' the new Team Facebook page and it looks like we will all be able to communicate more freely using this system!

As for the erging.... let me fill you in.

Yahoo! We have maintained our 8th place position out of 137 teams - so we are going strong!

At this early stage it is quite easy to get motivated to get on the C2.... What tips have you all got for our new team mates who might not have attempted a 30+ day challenge before?

I always do my exercise as soon as I get in from work - I drink ONE cup of tea whilst I get changed into my work-out gear and then I get stuck into the erging. If I sit down at any point before working out it seems so much harder to peel myself off the sofa to get into the gym.

FTC 2012 Day 3 = 33 team mates = 8/137 teams = 446,789 metres

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Its about time.....

I know Mark B and Del have requested this some time ago..... and they will definitely be thinking its about time too!

I will soon be setting up an Empty the Tanks Team Facebook account for us all to keep in contact. I am applying for a new Empty the Tanks e-mail account first so it will be easier to manage. I'll keep you posted....

Its done!

Just search for Empty the Tanks on Facebook and you can get the social networking going.
Now I just need to work out how to link the facebook page and blog together :!

As you may have noticed at the right hand side of the blog we now have a link to our new Empty the Tanks team page - yipeeeee

FTC 2012 Day Two and new team mate

At last the metres have been updated to the website. Very good news folks, we are in the top ten and have started the competition in 8th position out of 103 teams.

We have also a new team mate, Andy B who has recently linked to Mark B as a training partner and has decided to join the Tankers! Welcome to the team Andy : )

So after two days erging we have the mighty Dan at the top of the team, followed closely by Todor and newbie Victoria is the top performing female in third position!

Excellent work team mates.
Keep up the momentum this week and we can adjust our battle plan at the weekend!

1 Dan McCarthy 25,688
2 Todor Petrov 22,981
3 Victoria Balcheva 18,825
4 Mark Bower 15,111
5 Bill St.Louis 12,788
6 John Betts 12,207
7 Phil Venables 11,302
8 Jean Curran 11,000
9 Andy Soyring 10,793
10 Edward Jackson 10,000
11 Steven Rimmer 10,000
12 Matthew Brewster 7,000
13 Mike Schnell 7,000
14 David Marlar 6,250
15 Joseph Smyntek 5,914
16 David Bass 5,000
17 Caroline Joynson 5,000

FTC 2012 Day 2 = 31 team mates = 8/103 teams = 196,859 metres

Sept CTC

I have been booted out of boat one to make room for faster team mates in the September Cross Team Challenge.
We just need four more ETT'ers to row 3 x 300 metres with 3 minutes rest between the sets and we will float another boat into the rankings.

4 pts
Empty the Tanks I3:06.9
Andrew Hewitt (H) 2:48.5
Andy Soyring (H) 2:59.1
David Bass (H) 3:16.0
Chris Venables (L) 2:51.0
Karen Venables (F) 3:40.0

50Empty the Tanks II3:44.9
Caroline Joynson (L) 3:44.9

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Come on the Tanks!

Whilst out and about in London this summer I noticed these advertisements for the Tate Modern's new Tanks galleries.
I think we should hijack their advertising campaign and see it as a very high profile corporate supporter from one of the most famous art galleries in the world!

A big thanks to the Tate Modern!

FTC 2012 Day One

Hello fellow ergers and welcome to day one of the FTC2012.

With the Olympic spirit still lingering in the London air I  really wanted to fill you in on the first day of statistics from the Fall Team Challenge.
Unfortunately the website does not seem to be working yet, so I will not be able to give you the results from day one until possibly tomorrow.

On a more positive note we have had a huge surge in ETT members signing up for the challenge and have now got over 30 team mates raring to go this autumn. Bring it on!

If you go on the analysis of the past three FTC challenges we should be able to pull about 100 - 150k every day (with our current team of 30).
If we convince ten more team mates to sign up OR recruit ten new members to boost the FTC team to 40 we should be able to average about 200+k a day.

To beat our best ever competition ranking of 8/280 teams in the Fall Team Challenge of 2010 we will need to:

a) do our best to convince existing team mates to get stuck in if they haven't already signed up
b) get talking to those keen ergers in the local gym and sign them up to ETT
c) individually pull in an extra 100k out of the bag during the 31 days

If we managed a combination of the different options I think we will be onto a winner.

Come on ETT'ers - this could be our time!

Just to let you know the FTC2012 in the competitions list at the top right hand side of my blog is now hyper-linked to the rankings page for quick access to results.

Fall Team Challenge 2012 Individual Standings
NameGenderAgeTotal Event Meters
1Andy SoyringM520
2Bruce AnsellM460
3Mark BowerM340
4Simon ColemanM460
5Jim MoldenhauerM550
6Matthew BrewsterM400
7Mike SchnellM390
8Phil NolanM530
9Andrew HewittM340
10Dan McCarthyM500
11Caroline JoynsonF390
12Jean CurranF580
13Phil VenablesM650
14John DunnM390
15John BettsM650
16Todor PetrovM450
17hector m guerrero villaM490
18Karine GirodF380
19Chris GoreM320
20Alexander BoeckxM230
21Richard YoungM350
22Edward JacksonM590
23David BassM450
24Bill St.LouisM540
25Steven RimmerM310
26Teodora PetrovaF390
27David MarlarM550
28Joseph SmyntekM320
29Victoria BalchevaF140
30Gem GoreF280