Tuesday, 28 August 2012

September CTC and Challenge Series

Next months Cross Team Challenge has been set by Rote87.
It is a short sharp interval session:

3 x 300 metres with 3 minutes rest
First interval from a stopped flywheel, the remaining two intervals can be from rolling starts.

To clarify it is two rests of 3 minutes - your workout should be:
Row 300m, rest 3 mins, row 300m, rest 3 mins, row 300m > upload results of the time it took you to row all 3 sessions of 300 metres NOT including the rest times.

The new season Challenge Series also starts in September.
Round one is the classic 4 minute O'Neill test.

Have fun!


  1. Is that 3 x 300 metres, with 2x 1 minute rests in between, or 3 x 300 metres, with 2x 3 minute rests in between??


  2. Hi Andy - I will make it clearer on the post.
    I assume it is 2 rests of 3 minutes each.


  3. Cool. I think I can manage that one 3 minutes to recover should be enough!