Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rowlympics medals

Congratulations to the eight dedicated ETT athletes who have gained virtual medals in the C2 Rowlympics.
To qualify for medals you need to row set amounts between the 27th July - 12th August.

Gold = 15 hours
Silver = 10 hours
Bronze = 5 hours
Dan McCarthyPortland OR USA Empty the Tanks 17 hrs 42 mins 51.1 secs

hector m guerrero villaEscobedo NL MEX Empty the Tanks 12 hrs 11 mins 33.6 secs

Phil Venablescheshire uk GBR Empty the Tanks 5 hrs 4 mins 60 secs
Bill St.LouisEdwards CA USA Empty the Tanks 6 hrs 59 mins 21.2 secs
Paul RedmanWarrington GBR Empty the Tanks 7 hrs 22 mins 23.2 secs
Jim MoldenhauerEau Claire WI USA Empty the Tanks 5 hrs 4 mins 60 secs
Caroline JoynsonLondon GBR Empty the Tanks 5 hrs 52 mins 11 secs
Karine GirodJarnioux FRA Empty the Tanks 8 hrs 31 mins 34.1 secs


  1. I think I just dipped in for a Bronze too. I am back to the rowing after something of a hiatus!

    Andy H

  2. Excellent stuff Andy - Nice job there!