Saturday, 4 August 2012

Golden Olympic rowing for Team GB

Chris and I met up with fellow team mate Edward Jackson (the fastest ETT'er in the 6k July CTC) in Putney this morning to have a catch-up, a bite to eat and watch Team GB in the rowing events.

We found a big screen at the Duke's Head pub on the River Thames and watched the men's four, the lightweight women's double and finally the lightweight men's double. The pub was very quiet - in fact at 11:30 it wasn't officially open, yet they kindly let us in and put the plasma and sound on so we could watch the races. We had the place to ourselves for about 45 minutes until other locals turned up  to create more of an atmosphere.

The races were brilliant! The men's four lead the race from the start. Andy Triggs Hodge, Pete Reed, Andy Gregory and Tom James finished the 2,000 metres in style with Gold.

Next was the lightweight women's double with Sophie Hoskins and Kat Copeland who annihilated the competition right from the start and comfortably secured their first place position.

Lastly we saw the lightweight men's double with Zak Purchase and Mark Hunter. They had an unlucky start with a faulty seat In the first 100 metres of the race which caused a re-start. In the second round of the race Purchase and Hunter stormed through the first 1000 metres in first place, unfortunately with only 150 metres left of the race Denmark went into turbo drive and stormed past Team GB forcing them into second place.

Overall three fantastic races with two Gold medals and one Silver medal for Team GB and also great company from Edward J too!

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