Sunday, 27 May 2012

Challenge Series Results

I know that Mark, Ric and myself entered the 2012 Challenge Series this year and have all completed the 9 rounds which qualifies us for a Challenge Series T-shirt.

We finished in very respectable positions in the 30+ rankings:
  • Mark is the highest ranking male ETT'er with a 6th place position out of 306 entrants! Impressive stuff there Mark. 
  • Ric finished in the top ten with a 10th place ranking out of 306 indoor rowers. Great work there Ric! 
  • I Finished 12th out of 92 women and 5th out of 29 lightweight women. 
 I quite enjoyed the variety of different indoor rowing sessions every month and aim to do the 2013 Challenge Series again this year.

 If any other Empty the Tanks team mates completed this individual challenge please let me know so I can blog about your achievements. Unlike the online C2 challenges I am unable to sort the results by team affiliation.

 I hope you all enjoyed the dazzlingly good weather this weekend. I opted out of indoor rowing sessions in favour of a blast around Richmond Park on my bike so I could enjoy the glorious sunshine.


  1. There's still time yet for us all to slip down the placings!! I just noticed that 2 of the people I expected would be infront of me are behind me - Paul W and Pete M!! Interestingly they are both smaller than me, which backs up my thinking that the 500m is an event that favours the taller, where aerobic endurance doesn't come into it as much as the others. It's really tight in the 30M between 8th and 5th, barely 2 points in it!

  2. I noticed that Pete M was further down the rankings to you - good going there Mark!