Friday, 6 April 2012

WEC 2012 Day 23

I have been checking our progress on and off all day and was happy in the knowledge that our 13th place position was pretty safe. Imagine my disappointment when I came to do the daily update we had fallend back into 14th position. The pesky Canadians of Team Canada have rowed past us with an extra 200k.

Not to worry there are still nine days left of the challenge and it is possible that we could re-claim lucky number 13.

A battle for the top spot has been hotting up with Preston (362k) only 20k behind Christiane (382k). Who will be in pole position tomorrow?

The top ten places are also in contention with rowers hard at work to nudge their way up the team rankings.

David M, 223k is in third position followed closely behind by myself with 215k.
Hector, 192k, John F 160k, Rob T, 151k are battleing it out for fourth, fifth and sixth places.

Well done to all team mates who have contributed to the World Erg Challenge 2012.

A big thank you goes out to Joe K for his very kind donation to my 100k row. I have now raised over £175 for Sport Relief.

WEC 2012 Day 23 = 49 team mates = 14/250 teams = 4,663,567 metres = top 6%

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