Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April CTC

Sorry about the radio silence there for a bit. I have been busy with work, having my wisdom teeth removed (great fun) and catching up with friends and family.

Hands up who has tackled this months Cross Team Challenge. It doesn't take long because its a fast and furious one minute sprint. In order to float boat two in the rankings we need one more female rower to compete..... come on ladies don't let us down.

Of course there is always room for rowers in the monthly CTC so let's see more ETT'ers in the ranking.

54 pts
Empty the Tanks I324.2m
Mark Bower (H) 363m
Joseph Smyntek (H) 347m
Richard Young (H) 341m
Chris Venables (L) 313m
Caroline Joynson (F) 257m

91Empty the Tanks II317m
Andrew Hewitt (H) 333m
Peter Hicking (H) 315m
edward jackson (H) 308m
Mike Schnell (L) 312m

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