Monday, 30 April 2012

May CTC and Challenge Series Round 9

The May Cross Team Challenge has been set by RowPro:

The RowPro Rower's In-Between

Row 8x2 minutes with 2 minutes rest. No rolling starts. Add only the meters from your slowest and your fastest rep.

ex: you rowed 623m, 656m, 643m, 628m, 612m, 614m, 621m and 615m. Your score is 656+612=1268m.

An interesting challenge there.

Round 9 of the Challenge Series is a simple 500m sprint.

Last day of the 2012 Season

I hope you have all uploaded your work-outs and ranked those PB's because its the last day of the 2012 season.
We are still in 14th place out of 1649 world-wide teams and have collectively rowed 40,676,741 metres.

Congratulations to Christiane and Hector who both rowed over two million metres this season!

Well done to the following team mates who have churned out over one million metres this year: 
Andy S, Phil, Caroline, John G, John F, Mark, Ric, Joe C, Bill, Todor, David B, Edward, Joe D, Del and Ian.

We wouldn't be in 14th place if it wasn't for the dedication from all Empty the Tanks team mates - a big thanks to: 
Pieter, Jean, Jim M, Teodora, Michael, Andy H, John B, Preston, Mike S, Dan M, David M, Sven, Sean, Bill D, Matt B, Chris V, Michael W, Mick, Wayne, John D, Simon, Kim, Matt S, June, Greg, Karine, Angela, Joseph S, Karen, Bryon, Mike D, Keith, Andreas, Duncan, Lance, Kevin Mc, James, Kevin F, Mike P, Allan, Kevin S, Steven, Peter H, Tim F, Peter Y, Justin, Yee-Ann, Dom, Richard G, Steve H, Dan W, Bruce, Chris G, Karen B and Stuart.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

2012 Season end

Have you fulfilled your personal goals during the 2012 season? If not there is still time to beat that time or go the distance. The season ends on Monday 30th April. If you upload metres via your own C2 then you must upload and rank any PB's by the end of the 30th or you may have to enter them manually.

Now is the time to affiliate yourself to the team (if you haven't already) so your personal metres add to the team's total metres for this season. We are currently ranked 14th out of 1642 world-wide teams. That places us in the top 1%!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April CTC

Sorry about the radio silence there for a bit. I have been busy with work, having my wisdom teeth removed (great fun) and catching up with friends and family.

Hands up who has tackled this months Cross Team Challenge. It doesn't take long because its a fast and furious one minute sprint. In order to float boat two in the rankings we need one more female rower to compete..... come on ladies don't let us down.

Of course there is always room for rowers in the monthly CTC so let's see more ETT'ers in the ranking.

54 pts
Empty the Tanks I324.2m
Mark Bower (H) 363m
Joseph Smyntek (H) 347m
Richard Young (H) 341m
Chris Venables (L) 313m
Caroline Joynson (F) 257m

91Empty the Tanks II317m
Andrew Hewitt (H) 333m
Peter Hicking (H) 315m
edward jackson (H) 308m
Mike Schnell (L) 312m

Sunday, 15 April 2012

WEC 2012 Final Day!

We have survived the epic journey that is the World Erg Challenge 2012!

32 days of erging can certainly affect your life. Tomorrow you can re-acquaint yourselves with family and friends that you may have neglected over the past month.

The final results will be getting uploaded over the next 48 hours so this update may slightly change, but the final outcome is:

WEC 2012 Day 32 = 49 team mates = 14/250 teams = 6,183,398 metres = top 6% 

Thank you to all team mates who contributed metres to the challenge. Here is the final tally:

1 Christiane Racette-White 572,315
2 Preston Zale 500,000
3 David Marlar 304,652
4 Caroline Joynson 264,999
5 hector m guerrero villa 228,115
6 Todor Petrov 214,077
7 Mike Schnell 200,000
8 Michael White 196,248
9 Richard Conrad 194,296
10 Robert Tiedeman 192,959
11 John Fewtrell 180,500
12 Phil Venables 173,654
13 Teodora Petrova 171,254
14 Bill St.Louis 164,924
15 John Giles 154,730
16 Joseph Smyntek 152,163
17 Melissa de la Cruz 148,000
18 Andy Soyring 139,860
19 Jean Curran 138,000
20 Darren Whetton 133,382
21 Phil Nolan 121,366
22 Sean Joyce 120,397
23 David Griffiths 113,876
24 Edward Jackson 113,500
25 Richard Young 111,844
26 Pieter Goes 107,881
27 Mike Pohl 105,335
28 Norman Haas 104,755
29 John Betts 101,524
30 Mark Bower 92,331
31 Pedro Polydoro 88,703
32 Lance Peters 82,500
33 Robert Kubath 65,417
34 ALLAN HERON 64,273
35 Peter Hicking 53,709
36 Kevin McLellan 45,597
37 Angela McLellan 40,588
38 Karen Venables 32,637
39 Jeffrey Smith 32,164
40 Jim Moldenhauer 31,773
41 Andrew Hewitt 26,918
42 Derek Kyme 23,013
43 joseph coda 20,865
44 Matthew Brewster 15,563
45 David Bass 12,191
46 Chris Venables 11,639
47 Susan Lezotte 8,014
48 Claire Nolan 6,879
49 Stuart Bewley 4,000

Saturday, 14 April 2012

WEC 2012 Day 31

After the excitement of our jump up to 13th position yesterday I was hoping our lucky streak would last until Sunday. Unfortunately not - we have slipped back into 14th place today. Nevermind folks, there is still one more day left to make a difference.

WEC 2012 Day 31 = 49 team mates = 14/250 teams = 5,955,297 metres = top 6%

Friday, 13 April 2012

WEC 2012 Day 30

Friday 13th has been very lucky for Empty the Tanks because we have worked our way back up to 13th place!

Nice work ETT'ers. Two more days of competition left so keep up the momentum team mates.

WEC 2012 Day 30 = 49 team mates = 13/250 teams = 5,852,497 metres = top 5%

WEC 2012 Day 29

The weather has been a crazy in the UK today. I woke up in London to a gloriously sunny day and after driving for a few hours North to see family and friends in Leeds I enjoyed a mixture of hail, sleet, rain, sunshine and two rainbows in the space of three hours.

Luckily it hasn't been quite as dramatic in the World Erg Challenge today. Team Canada are still above us with 69k and Sub 7 are (hopefully) safely behind by over 600k.

If each of us rowed an extra 4k ontop of our regular contribution we could re-claim 13th position.

Hold on for three more days people. You are all superstars.

WEC 2012 Day 29 = 49 team mates = 14/250 teams = 5,675,013 metres = top 6%

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WEC 2012 Day 28

We are nearing the end of the competition and we have rowed hard for four weeks. Keep up the great work for four more days!

The Sub 7 team are over 600k behind us in 15th place (and hopefully that is where they will stay). There is a good chance we could catch Team Canada who are only 100k in front in 13th position.

1 Christiane Racette-White 476,210
2 Preston Zale 437,500
3 David Marlar 276,757
4 Caroline Joynson 236,915
5 hector m guerrero villa 212,868
6 Richard Conrad 187,621
7 Robert Tiedeman 180,849
8 Mike Schnell 180,661
9 Todor Petrov 161,816
10 John Fewtrell 160,500
11 Melissa de la Cruz 148,000
12 Teodora Petrova 144,931
13 Bill St.Louis 144,362
14 Phil Venables 143,395
15 Michael White 138,151
16 John Giles 135,844
17 Darren Whetton 133,382
18 Phil Nolan 121,366
19 Sean Joyce 120,397
20 Joseph Smyntek 116,066
21 Jean Curran 114,000
22 Andy Soyring 112,473
23 Mike Pohl 105,335
24 Norman Haas 104,755
25 Pieter Goes 102,881
26 John Betts 91,442
27 Pedro Polydoro 88,703
28 Richard Young 85,002
29 Edward Jackson 85,000
30 David Griffiths 82,436
31 Lance Peters 77,500
32 Robert Kubath 65,417
33 Mark Bower 63,231
34 Peter Hicking 53,709
35 Kevin McLellan 45,597
36 ALLAN HERON 45,050
37 Karen Venables 32,637
38 Jeffrey Smith 32,164
39 Jim Moldenhauer 31,773
40 Angela McLellan 30,656
41 Andrew Hewitt 26,918
42 Derek Kyme 23,013
43 joseph coda 20,865
44 Matthew Brewster 15,563
45 David Bass 12,191
46 Chris Venables 11,639
47 Susan Lezotte 8,014
48 Claire Nolan 6,879
49 Stuart Bewley 4,000

WEC 2012 Day 28 = 49 team mates = 14/250 teams = 5,436,434 metres = top 6%

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

WEC 2012 Day's 26 and 27

We have worked hard over the Easter break and we have rowed over 5,270,954 metres which is an average of 105k each.

For the first time since 2009 there has been 100% participation from every team member who has signed up for the challenge - excellent stuff ETT'ers!

Mix up your fitness regime with a one minute blast and enter it for the Cross Team Challenge to get another few boats floated in this month's challenge.

Keep up the fantastic work team mates - only five days left to go!

WEC 2012 Day 27 = 49 team mates = 14/250 teams = 5,270,954 metres = top 6%

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter WEC 2012 Day's 24 and 25

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you are all enjoying some relaxation with family and friends. All your chocolate Easter eggs can be a new source of energy food for the remainder of the World Erg Challenge.

We have maintained 14th position over the past two days and have reached an impressive total of 4,936,803 metres - we should hit the 5 million mark in the next day or so.

Almost half the team have rowed 100k or more, with Christiane still in pole position with an amazing 422k.

1Christiane Racette-WhiteF45422,874
2Preston ZaleM57375,000
3David MarlarM55251,551
4Caroline JoynsonF39225,720
5hector m guerrero villaM49192,835
6Mike SchnellM38165,267
7Robert TiedemanM37161,954
8John FewtrellM65160,500
9Richard ConradM51153,296
10Melissa de la CruzF38148,000
11Michael WhiteM45138,151
12Teodora PetrovaF39127,437
13Todor PetrovM44122,395
14Phil NolanM53121,366
15Bill St.LouisM53121,158
16John GilesM50120,934
17Darren WhettonM32120,882
18Sean JoyceM39120,397
19Phil VenablesM64117,360
20Mike PohlM42105,335
21Andy SoyringM52105,285
22Jean CurranF58105,000
23Joseph SmyntekM31100,228

Thanks to all other team mates who are rowing hard each day. We wouldn't be in 14th position without your help too.

At least we have been luckier than the Oxford and Cambridge teams yesterday. Chris and I walked down to Putney Bridge to watch the start of the 158th Boat Race. (In the photo above Cambridge is on the left with Oxford on the right). We watched the boats power away from Putney Bridge and made our way back to the flat. When we got home we thought we would watch the remainder of the race on TV to find that out that only 8 minutes in the race it was was cancelled due to a anti-elitist protestor swimming in the Thames!

Half an hour later the race was started again but Oxford rowed into the line of Cambridge and lost an oar in the process. Cambridge rowed to victory with 8 rowers against Oxford's 7. When Oxford pulled up to the finish line their Bow man Alex Woods had to be taken away by ambulance after collapsing with exhaustion. All together the strangest Boat Race ever.

Read the full report here:

WEC 2012 Day 24 & 25 = 49 team mates = 14/225 teams = 4,936,803 metres = top 6%