Saturday, 31 March 2012

WEC 2012 Day's 16 and 17 and a new team mate

Good News, we have been joined by a new team mate just in time as the cut off for new members signing up for the WEC is Sunday 1st April.

Jeffrey Smith, 47 is from America and has rowed over 30k for the team.  Welcome to Empty the Tanks Jeff and I hope you enjoy rowing with us for the rest of the World Erg Challenge 2012.

Over the past two days we have slipped down to 14th place and have got the Sub 7, Oarsome and Paddy Power team very close behind us with only 200k less than us.

We need to row strong over the next 16 days and after next weekend we will be powered by chocolate Easter Eggs!

WEC 2012 Day 17 = 47 team mates = 14/245 teams = 3,201,940 metres = top 6%

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