Monday, 26 March 2012

WEC 2012 Day 12

We have erg'ed our way up to 11th place in the rankings today. Nice work team mates.

Christiane is in a league of her own in this competition and is nearing the 300k mark. She has rowed 256k with no real competition for pole position from anybody in the top five team mates.

The 100k club is still relatively exclusive and has four members who have contributed between 105k - 130k. Well done to Preston, Hector, David M and Mike P.

Members who have rowed over 50k are: John f, Michael W, Melissa, Andy S, Phil, Caroline, Mike S, John G, Jean, Robert, Phil N, Todor, Richard C, Darren and Sean.

Thanks to the rest of the Tank'ers who have all contributed to moving us up to 11th position.

Let's keep up the great work folks.

WEC 2012 Day 12 = 43 team mates = 11/229 teams = 2,296,135 metres = top 5%

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