Saturday, 24 March 2012

WEC 2012 Day 10

Ten days into the challenge and we have reached 2 million metres. Despite the large numbers on the metres we are still in 12th place in the rankings.

The top ten team mates have put in some impressive amounts over the last week and a half. A big thank you goes out to the rest of the team who are helping us maintain a top 5% position.

WEC 2012 Day 10 = 43 team mates = 12/224 teams = 2,001,089 metres = top 5%

1Christiane Racette-WhiteF45229,385
2Preston ZaleM57120,000
3hector m guerrero villaM49104,169
4David MarlarM55100,496
5Mike PohlM4292,194
6Melissa de la CruzF3880,000
7John FewtrellM6580,000
8Phil VenablesM6470,303
9Andy SoyringM5269,181
10Michael WhiteM4565,555

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