Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Madness 2012 Final Results

Team mates have rowed 5,000 metres or more for at least 25 days in March.
Well done to following members who have all completed the individual challenge:

Caroline Joynson 28
Mike Schnell 28
John Fewtrell 26
Andy Soyring 26
Pieter Goes 25
hector m guerrero villa 25
Christiane Racette-White 25

WEC 2012 Day's 16 and 17 and a new team mate

Good News, we have been joined by a new team mate just in time as the cut off for new members signing up for the WEC is Sunday 1st April.

Jeffrey Smith, 47 is from America and has rowed over 30k for the team.  Welcome to Empty the Tanks Jeff and I hope you enjoy rowing with us for the rest of the World Erg Challenge 2012.

Over the past two days we have slipped down to 14th place and have got the Sub 7, Oarsome and Paddy Power team very close behind us with only 200k less than us.

We need to row strong over the next 16 days and after next weekend we will be powered by chocolate Easter Eggs!

WEC 2012 Day 17 = 47 team mates = 14/245 teams = 3,201,940 metres = top 6%

April CTC and Challenge Series

April's challenges are:

The Cross Team Challenge has been set by MAD team. It is a straight forward one minute free rate from a stopped flywheel.

Round 8 of the Challenge Series is the Boat Race Record time of 16 minutes and 19 seconds which was set by Cambridge in 1998. 

The real Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race is taking place next Saturday 7th April at 14:15. The race starts at Putney Bridge and ends at Chiswick Bridge which is a distance of 4 miles and 374 yards (about 6,799 metres).

Good Luck Empty the Tank'ers.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Only a few days left for the March CTC

Calling all lightweights, to float a boat in the rankings we need a lightweight rower. With only two days left of the 20 spm pyramid challenge we need lightweight participants - Come on you know who you are.......

WEC 2012 Day 15 and another new team mate

Good news - we have been joined by a relation of Phil Nolan - Claire Nolan, 52 from the UK. Welcome to Empty the Tanks Claire, we hope you enjoy erging with us over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, we have been pushed down into 13th place by Team Canada so we need to try to work our way back up the rankings over the Easter break.

An impressive amount of team mates have contributed 50k or more so far during this challenge.

WEC 2012 Day 15 = 45 team mates = 13/238 teams = 2,867, 327 metres = top 5%

1Christiane Racette-WhiteF45352,390
2Preston ZaleM57212,500
3hector m guerrero villaM49152,730
4David MarlarM55130,496
5Melissa de la CruzF38120,000
6Michael WhiteM45117,907
7John FewtrellM65110,000
8Mike PohlM42105,335
9Andy SoyringM5291,350
10Caroline JoynsonF3985,577
11Sean JoyceM3981,697
12Richard ConradM5181,415
13Mike SchnellM3876,820
14Phil VenablesM6475,820
15Phil NolanM5367,236
16Jean CurranF5866,000
17John GilesM5065,973
18Robert KubathM5265,417
19Pieter GoesM3560,381
20Norman HaasM5557,158
21Edward JacksonM5856,000
22Todor PetrovM4452,409
23Darren WhettonM3250,992