Sunday, 12 February 2012

Medals at EIRC

After an early start for everybody who competed today in Manchester it was a great day all round.

Chris and I got up at 05:00 for the journey from London to Manchester hoping to catch Mark's 09:30 row but we realised we had missed it when we found him recovering on the floor in the corridor of the Velodrome with a face as red as his top! Mark had a storming row and he pulled an impressive PB of 06:21 and got a Silver medal for all his hard work. Read more about his 2k on Mark's Rowing Blog (link at the right hand side of my page).

I was late for my weigh in and there was a moment where it looked like I may not be able to officially race as a lightweight but luckily I was OK. I had a quick 20 minute warm up and then it was 10:30 and I was sat on erg 14 staring at the race countdown. I had an unevenly split race but I still managed to get my best ever time of 08:37.3. I didn't realise it during the race but I was .3 seconds away from a Silver medal - I nearly missed my bronze medal ceremony because I was getting a post-race massage.

Chris was the last of the ETT'ers to race and he had a different race tactic to Mark and myself. He switched the race computer to the wattage setting and aimed to keep his power above 300 watts for the duration of the race. It paid off because Chris got a bronze medal for his 07:01.0 time.

We met a great guy called John (LWT 20-29) who was competing for the first time. We chatted to him for quite a bit before his race and gave him some tips about what to expect on a race day. He went on to get a Gold medal in his category with 06:33.1. Let's hope he joins the ETT'ers!

A brilliant day all round, it's a good barometer for what to expect at the BIRC in March. Also a time for Chris and myself to aim for in Boston at the Crash B's next Sunday.


  1. Congrats, you three! Great day for all of you.
    Rest up...and join John and I in the CTC!
    Or perhaps you have one more race before the CTC?

  2. Thanks David. I will join you in the boat after the Crash B's this coming weekend.
    It looks like we haven't had many of the usual crowd doing the CTC's over the past two months. We are only just floating one boat at the moment : (