Sunday, 29 January 2012

JVTC 2012 Day 29

26 team mates have rowed 100k or more during JVTC which is impressive stuff. We still have two more days to make a difference to our final position in the rankings.

Keep rowing strong folks!

JVTC 2012 Day 29 = 44 team mates = 19/330 teams = 5,707,860 metres = top 6%

  • What do you think about during your work-outs?
It depends what kind of session I'm doing. In a hard-core interval I'm trying NOT to think about the pain aspect and the fact that my legs are burning and my lungs are on fire. I try to focus on positive stuff like 'push' to remind myself to churn out some more power.
On longer sessions I think about a range of things;
I solve a few work related issues, plan creative art ideas, decide what I'll be eating post work-out, to worrying about the health of the neighbours across the street who are still sat watching the TV every time I work out!

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