Monday, 23 January 2012

JVTC 2012 Day 23

The classic Primal Scream song 'Moving on up' is on my mind because we have rowed our way into 19th place out of 330 teams. Nice work team mates!

  • Christiane has put in an impressive 50k today and is back at the top of the team. Well done.
  • Andy S is second with 320k
  • Todor is in third place with close to 250k
  • Richard C and David J are safely nto the 200k club
  • 14 team mates are now in the 100k club
  • 10 team mates will hopefully hit 100k by the end of the week
  • What is your favourite motivational song / band?
I listen to a wide variety of stuff, but recently I've been blasting out the classic Nirvana album Smell's Like Teen Spirit to get me through hardcore interval sessions.

JVTC 2012 Day 23 = 44 team mates = 19/330 = 4,596,695 metres = top 6%


  1. Just uploaded 40km that I'd had saved on my card from last week's workouts and tonight. I'll also update my blog, I've been a bit lax recently!

  2. Nice bit of 90's rock there David J!