Sunday, 22 January 2012

JVTC 2012 Day 22

Over the next few days we have lots of members who are about to reach rowing milestones of 100k, 200k and 300k. Good luck with that folks.

Well done to the following team mates:
  • Andy S is at the top of the team and the first to reach 300k
  • Christiane, Todor and Richard C have all rowed 200k+
  • The 100k club includes; David J, Michael, Daniel, Keith, Matthew, Teodora, Pieter, Caroline, John G, David G, Phil, Ric, Joe and Ian
There's over a dozen team mates who are due to reach 100k in week four of the challenge based on their previous average daily metres.
  • Have you set any personal best times during the JVTC?
I set a new PB for a 10k today, taking over 80 seconds from the previous best time I set in 2010 (49:02.6 to 47:41.3). I also reached 6 million lifetime metres too.

JVTC 2012 Day 22 = 44 team mates = 21/330 teams = 4,208,747 metres = top 6%


  1. 80 seconds. Congratulations. No PBs, Just trying to log long rows to get back into shape after no rowing for 2 weeks while in vacation visiting my family. It is feeling good to get some meters in.

  2. Glad you are back on the erg and I hope you had a lovely time visiting your family.

  3. Congrats on the PB, 80 seconds is a big deal.

    I was just thinking today (while sitting on the C2) that between the JVTC and Holiday Challenge it has been a lot of long rows and not much speed work. Looking forward to seeing what PBs I can go after in Feb/March.

  4. No PB for me, just rolled over the 4,000,000 lifetime meter mark earlier this month and having to fight the urge not to get up early and go to my local YMCA to use the C2 before I go into the office. (If I don't do it before work, I don't get there after work).

  5. Thanks Mike and Jim I definitely worked hard on improving my 10k time.

    Mike - I am incorporating speed work into my JVTC challenge by following the C2 interactive plan for the 2k rows for EIRC and Crash B's. Its hard work because you haven't much left after 6 x 1' intervals or 8 x 500m - I try to do a reasonably lengthy warm up prior to the speed work.

    Jim - Congratulations on reaching 4 million lifetime metres - that's a great achievement.